More than one webpage….?

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I have decided to replicate my WordPress personal webpage on two servers. The one you visit now is the main one and is hosted on the UNCA server. The secondary page is hosted by the WCU server and can be visited here: The blogs are the same, as well as information about research and teaching. I used different themes though, so the layout is slightly different. For compatibility reasons I keep my old webpage online here: but I am not updating it anymore. Thanks for your interest.

A new MLAS course in the Spring

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Recently I have heard from Gerard Voos, the MLAS director at UNC Asheville that a new course has been approved. Thanks to Gerard for the work he put in making this course possible! What is this course about? The plan is to teach a class on learning and intelligence called MLAS 560. I do not have yet a full syllabus for this class, but in the last years I developed a comprehensive description of this course that can be found here: This document is still a work in progress, but any suggestions are highly appreciated. You cannot edit the document but you can instert online comments into it! Recently, I have heard about a workshop on intelligence that is absolutely relevant to my course and to the way I […]

Welcome to my brand new webpage!


Dear Visitor, Recently I decided to retire my old html page and move on to WordPress. The old page has been developed during my graduate years at UCSD. I remember working on the code during the summer of 2007: it was written in xml with xslt templates and was based on an older concept of database-oriented concept. It is still accessible at this address: I decided that it is time for a change. My new website that you visit now is hosted on the UNCA and WCU servers and it is written in WordPress. It has a new look, will include some photo albums and links to my social media posts. This is one way to keep you informed about my projects and opportunities. You can always email me […]