Other events

In-house talks, Research groups

  • March 2017:“’Good Life’ and Machines. Virtues for the technological age”, Emphasis on Ethics symposium, UNC, Asheville.
  • February 2016:“Modularity and tractability. How deep is their relation? A mild skepticism.”, (Informal talk). Brown-bag talks, University of North Carolina, Asheville.
  • June 2015:“Philosophy of complexity: contingency, laws, simulation (with a
    detour in Leibniz and Russell)”, (A collaborative workshop between U of
    Notre Dame and University of Bucharest). ICUB-IRH (Research Institute in Humanities, the University of Bucharest, Romania), University of Bucharest, Romania.
  • June 2015:“Is Artificial Moral Cognition Possible? An Appraisal Based on Virtue
    Ethics, `Soft computing’ and Particularism”, (A collaborative workshop
    between U of Notre Dame and University of Bucharest). CCEA-ICUB (Center for Research in Applied Ethics), University of Bucharest, Romania.
  • January 2015:“Autonoumous Moral Agents”, (Informal talk). Brown-bag talks, University of North Carolina, Asheville.
  • March 2010:“Numerical Simulations and Scientific Discovery: the Genetic Story”, (Informal talk related to a work in progress). History and Philosophy of Science Seminar, University of Leeds, UK. Slides/handouts
  • January 2010:“Spacetime and other metaphysical frustration: notes on the
    dimensionality of spacetime”, (A presentation about the importance of spacetime in metaphysics, centered on the String Theory model of spacetime and its metaphysical implications.). Center for Mind and Metaphysics, University of Leeds, UK. Slides/handouts
  • June 2008:“What to put in a point? Revisions of metaphysics”, (talk). Graduate Philosophy Colloquia, University of California, San Diego.
  • February 2008:“Unification and its Alternatives: A Case study”, (presentation). Eighth Annual All-Grad Research Symposium, UC, San Diego.
  • May 2007:“S. Roush on rivals among super-theories”, (talk). UCSD Graduate Conference: distinguished speaker: Sherrilyn Roush (UC Berkeley), University of California, San Diego.
  • January 2005:“The price to pay for the unification of scientitfic theories”, (talk). Experimental Philosophy Lab, University of California, San Diego.
  • May 2004:“Modeling the brain with chaos and noise: the partial story”, (talk). Experimental Philosophy Lab, UC, San Diego.
  • September 2001:“How Reliable are Instruments? Optimistic Theory of Measurement in Newton and Descartes”, (workshop presentation). Spaces of Freedom in Modern Thought. Individuals, Reformation Projects, Multiple Societies, Summer School, Tescani (Romania).

Commenting and moderating

  • May 2013:“Dean Rickles (U of Sydney): Dualities and the Physical Content of Theories”, (commentator). Quantum Gravity in Perspective, Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy (MCMP).
  • November 2012:“ Michel-Antoin Xhignesse (McGill U.): (Non-)Counting Statues”, (commentator). IPA
  • October 2012:“Nick Huggett (University of Illinous, Chicago): Emergent Spacetime and Empirical (In)coherence”, (commentator). PhiloSTEM-4
  • April 2012: “Charles Pence (Notre Dame): Four Conflated ‘Chance’-Like Concepts in Evolutionary Theory”, (commentator). IPA
  • April 2012:“Pablo Ruiz de Olano: Are elementary particles irreducible
    representations? A Note on Holism and Structural Realism”,
    (commentator). PhiloSTEM-3, IPFW.
  • April 2011:“Matt Carlson (Indiana U.): Inferential Dependence”, (commentator). Indiana Philosophical Association IPA 2011, Ball State U. Muncie, IN.
  • April 2011:“James Brian Pitts (University of Notre Dame): How Massive Nordstrom
    Scalar Gravities Rationally Reconstruct 20th Century Space-time Theory:
    Priority of Field Equations over Geometry, Conventionality,
    Underdetermination, Etc.”, (commentator). PhiloSTEM-1
  • February 2006:“Sophia Vasalou (Cambridge University): Personal identity across
    temporal gaps: an Islamic view of the problem”, (commentator). Selves, Souls and Survival — Society of Christian Philosophers Pacific Regional Meeting, University of San Diego.
  • April 2003:“Christian Wuthrich (U. of Pittsburgh): Does Modern Physics Permit the Operation of Time Machines?”, (commentator). Graduate Philosophy Conference, UC, San Diego.

Summer Schools, Informal Events, Other Activities